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Tatiana Bezjak
Lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia


1991-1995 Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb - Department of sculpture, University of Zagreb, Croatia




2018 Fractals/ sculptures ~spatial drawings, Gallery Vladimir Bužančić,Zagreb, Croatia

2015/16 Winged Ones/ sculptures ~spatial drawings, Gallery Događanja, Zagreb, Croatia

2013 Mistery sculptures/ sculptures, Gallery Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Zagreb, Croatia 

2012 Parallel cycle/three-dimensional~ spatial drawing autobiography, Gallery Matice hrvatske Zagreb, Croatia
2004 Bed and Cross/ambient, Gallery Karas, Zagreb, Croatia
2004 Stand Alone Sculptures, Galerie Figure, Paris, France
2002 Remained ambient, Gallery Mesto, Skopje, Macedonia
2000 Kisses And Tears/ watercolors, Gallery CEKAO, Zagreb, Croatia
1997 Swings /sculptures and video, Gallery SC, Zagreb, Croatia
1996 Shadows - sculptures + ambient, Gallery Matice hrvatske, Zagreb, Croatia
1994 In Between, Gallery VN, Zagreb, Croatia



2015 The Exposure Award - Paris, Louvre/The Still Life Collection 
2012 XI.Triennial of Croatian Sculpture, Glyptotheque Zagreb, Croatia
2011 Croatian Triennale of Self-portrait, Gallery Prica, 2-nd Croatian Triennale of Self-portrait, Samobor, Croatia,
2009 Croatian Artists Association Members , Gallery Karas, Zagreb, Croatia
2004 Absolutely barock,Nest museum Varaždin, Varaždin, Croatia, 
2003 Gallery Tenzor ~ Miheličeva galerija / paintings Ptuj, Slovenia,
2000 Theater Gavella, Zagreb, Croatia,
1999 Rekurzija , Gallery Matice hrvatske, Zagreb, Croatia
2nd Croatian Triennial of Drawing, Internet Gallery Perpetuum Mobile, Zagreb, Croatia
2nd International Military Games, Zagreb, Croatia
1998 Triennial of Watercolors, Karlovac, Croatia
1997 6th Triennial of Croatian Sculpture, Zagreb, Croatia

1996 Biennale of Small Formats, Split, Croatia
1992 Galleria d'arte La loggia, Udine, Italy


2007 City Theater Firebird /Birds, sculptures ~ awards for The Very Best International Festival, Zagreb, Croatia 

1997 Strings / sculpture in the park, Kukljica, Croatia (island Ugljan)
1996 Bartol Kašić - portrait by imagination, Croatian Institute of Philology, Zagreb, Croatia, 


2013 X – novel, Publisher – Durieux, Zagreb, Rijeka, Pula, Split, Osijek, Croatia