Niels Bak Rasmussen (1964) is a Danish architect and mixed media artist who studied architecture and sculpture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, as well as at E.T.S.A.B architect school, Barcelona. He graduated in 1997 from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

Rasmussen worked as an architect until 2004 when he founded company OiOi, engaged in the quality design and manufacture of lamps. Since 2011 he is fully dedicating to his art practice.

Creatively engaged since 1995, he has produced and exhibited photos, installations and conceptual art and went on to receive a special grant in 1999 from the Danish Arts Foundation.

The exhibition Between Truth and Fiction brings together works from 2008 to 2019.

The varied output from paper, prints, photo and sculpture, all in relational connectivity by the same concept of underlaying information, perhaps not apparent at first, transmits a diverse and layered narrative animating the viewer to explore beneath the surface of his practice.


Niels Bak Rasmussen, 2020

Jesper Dalmose is a Danish video artist, librarian, project leader & curator best known for his curatorial projects and videos. Jesper start making moving images in 1981. In 2009 “The Umbrella videos” was born and from  2011 he  started to collaborate together with Lennox Raphael on video projects and exhibitions. Dalmose run his own gallery in the period 1989 – 1994, during that time he curated around 40 exhibitions and events. Dalmose is a co-founder and curator of the International Art festival BERLIN SOUP together with Lennox Raphael..

Jesper Dalmose: INTERMEZZO, 2018

British multidisciplinary artist Paul Hartley presents a video series Blur Move that relates to minimal sculptural pieces and installations that explore the act of looking and, in this case, focusing and blurring.

Hartley`s work builds on his minimalistic visual vocabulary that aimes at the disintegration of the object. His repetitive line series are a meditative reminder of the concrete world as an illusion, as an ever changing flow of experience.

Paul Hartley: Blur Move, 2020

Paul Hartley: Blur Move 2, 2020