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Installation detail: Tatiana Bezjak, Parallel One, 2012

Maiblum Art Consulting emerged from the Renata Maiblum Gallery in the autumn of 2020 as a response to existing demands for an active interaction between spectators and the contemporary arts. This interaction is meant as a dynamic engagement of people´s immediate experience with art works, where the Consultancy acts as a mediator between individuals / corporations and the world of art


  • individually tailored consulting

  • help and guidance with purchasing contemporary art works

  • curating art collections for private and corporative clients 

Maiblum Art Consulting values the importance of visual narrative; it guides individuals and corporations to use art to express their personal affinities and brand identities.

Choosing suitable art works to communicate with surroundings; to make non-verbal statements or to convey messages, results in a very subtle influence on environment. In this subtleness of influence lies

the true power of art.

Both private homes and corporative spaces reflect identity through the uniqueness of a particular environment. Carefully selected artworks, with the visual appeal and message they carry, uplift both private and corporative environments; they add stronger recognition and enhance the existing values and beliefs of the space.

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