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9 - 31 January 2020

Jesper Dalmose & Lennox Raphael 


Opening, Thursday 9 January  17 - 19

Video screenings

23 - 31 Jan: Letters from Berlin; Howling like Virginia Woolf

- Text reading Howling like Virginia Woolf by Lennox Raphael 

-  Video collection Letters from Berlin - Walkies and Talkies 

6 - 22 Jan: Video HeartLand: Love & Desire

J. Dalmose / L. Raphael;  Soundscape : Kristian Tangvik

- Collection of videos from the Bellevue beach at Klampenborg (DK): a stage of numerous performances recorded on camera: 

Bellevuedating, Heartland, Intermezzo, I love bananas... In the last years Dalmose and Raphael gathered a number of friends at the Bellevue beach at sunrise to play, dance and perform in front of camera in a collective blossom of ideas. 

Participants in the Bellevue beach videos:

Lennox Raphael, Doris Bloom, Eriko Makimura, Jens MagnussenDaphne Anna Geloia Dahlin, Christina Holtegaard, Oxana Sole, Betty Despoina Athana Siadou

9 - 15 JanHomage to John Giorno

J. Dalmose / L. Raphael

Andy Warhol Superstar: John Giorno featuring videos:

- Lennox Raphael sitting in the Old Oak at Klampenborg (DK) recalling his time with John Giorno in New York

- The Past The Present The Future is Now: John Giorno meditating in the Old Oak at Klampenborg

- John Giorno on the stage in BERLIN SOUP II, 2014

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Opening hours:

Tuesday - Friday 13 - 17

Saturday - by appointment


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